SMIRES is organized in 4 Working Groups (WGs) that build upon each other to develop a global framework. The WGs are science-driven and correspond to the 4 challenges of the SMIRES, 1 committee (Stakeholder Committee) is dedicated to the stakeholder interface, networking, dissemination and capacity-building activities. In addition, SMIRES comprises a Forum of Young Researchers (FYR) gathering the early career investigators (ECIs) involved.

+ WG 1: Prevalence, distribution and trends of IRES

+ WG 2: Flow alterations, ecosystem services and management of IRES

Leader: Didac Jorda-Capdevila

Objectives: Quantify the functions and ecosystem services provided by IRES and explore their responses to flow alterations; define rules for flow management in IRES.


+ WG 4: Community ecology and biomonitoring in IRES

Leader: Rachel Stubbington

Objectives: Adapt current biomonitoring methods for IRES; develop/test new ones; produce an electronic handbook including guidelines and caveats for IRES biomonitoring.


+ Stakeholder Committee, networking and dissemination

Leader: Bénédicte Augeard

Objectives: to build up the network; to link past and on-going research projects to IRES; to share experience and information; to synthesize the state-of-the-art and knowledge gap analysis of IRES; to ensure active participation of stakeholders; to disseminate the scientific activities; to train ESRs and stakeholders; to promote SHTM; to deliver the tools and guidelines to stakeholders; to ensure visibility of the Action at the international scale.


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